Creative Solutions

We are back for second semester and the start of the Creative Solutions module. For this project we have been put into teams and placed in a company that will set us our new assignment.


  • Michelle
  • Rebecca
  • Jenny
  • Sinead
  • Cliodhna

Studio: Flickerpix

Studio Client Project – 80% – 10 weeks

Last presentation – Tuesday 4th April
Final hand-in due Friday 12th May 

This ‘placement-light’ assignment is intended to give an insight into a studios professional process from concept to development and final polish, with feedback/critiques helping to refine these different stages.

There will be 3 presentation during this project:

  • week 4 presentation – researching the company
  • week 7 – Progress and development
  • week 10 – final presentation ( 4th April)

Discipline of Choice – 20%

In support of our portfolio, mid-semester we will be required to choose a 3D/VFX/Animation related discipline to continue our personal practice.
This will run alongside the main project and take more prominence from Week 10 until final hand in.

Final hand-in due Friday 12th May 


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