The Assignment

Flickerpix company has given us a 2D rough draft of a children’s TV show ‘Amazing Grace’. Originally it was planned to be 2D, but through research of popularity they reckon a 3D version would be more appealing. Since it is only a draft, a Flickperpix employee Joel Simons has asked us to look at various styles for Amazing Grace and how it could look 3D.

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Recently Joel has been busy and our first meeting was postponed, but he has given us a task to do until then. That is to look at the title character Grace Kelly and experiment with different styles on what she could look like as 3D. Joel had sent a concept that they have already done to give us an idea of what they are aiming for. Shown Below:


We have found that this concept is very different to the other concepts we have been given. Joel has informed us that several things need to be kept the same, like her riding hat, gilet and boots to add to her country side appeal. Her proportions and shape can be changed. As a team we will look at other 3D animations similar to what they are aiming for and take these as inspiration to experiment with our own concepts.

For our first meeting with Joel we want to have various concepts of Grace Kelly in different styles to show him. Hopefully we will bring him something he likes and we can collaborate different aspects together and work from there.


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