First Meeting with Joel Simon

Joel Simon visited us in University for our first meeting. In the meeting he was able to give us a more in depth explanation about himself and Flickerpix. Surprisingly, Joel only started Flickerpix as a company in the hopes of getting funding for a short film he was working on. In 2003 he set this up with the exception that it was only temporary until his short film was complete. Now, in 2017 it is still going, having produced work for so many companies such as BBC NI, CBBC and Children in Need.

He spoke of Amazing Grace and how he had this idea that a young Country Girl living in the Glens of Antrim (N.Ireland) spent her days exploring the countryside and helping her father run his animal Sanctuary. Her best friend is a horse named Dillon that comes with her on her adventures. He wants this to be an educational show, teaching children about wildlife and the countryside rules.

He explained how he had done soft pitches with other companies for Amazing Grace. The feedback was positive in regards to the narrative, and that it seemed to be original. However, the actual look of the 2D concepts had a more negative reaction. This was when he decided that it would probably be more appealing in 3D, when you look at all the other TV shows this seems to be the route children’s TV is heading.

Before the meeting he had briefly asked us to do some concepts for Grace but still based on the original concepts. He wanted to keep certain aspects of her, this included her horse riding hat and her coat and wellie boots to add to her country girl appeal. Below are a few concepts that I did. I looked more closely at her hair. In the original concepts I felt like it had a barbie look, with perfect flowing hair and girls. However I would assume that an 8 year old child exploring the country side would tend to get a little mucky and wind swept. Not only that but if she is regular riding a horse, with my own experience its much more practical have it up or tied away from the face.  I also did a variations of eye shapes based on other TV shows through my research. Below are the concepts that I showed Joel.




Below are concepts done by Rebecca that had a turntable of what Grace could look like. He really liked the Oval shape of the head and how her chin comes down to a point. He always like the hair and how we kept to the colour scheme. We asked him if her default outfit would have her body warmer opened or closed. He liked the opened look as it added more contrast when showing the green and white stripe of the hoodie underneath.

Concept by Rebecca Thompson


He showed us a concept that was done by a different artist that he really liked the look of (below). He wanted to have the soft, texture fur look similar to that of Peter Rabbit animated series. As a goal he would like us to have this scene from the concept converted into 3D. With models, textures and lighting. He wants Grace to be in the scene as well as Dillon, and if possible the dog Murphy. Basically ready for a soft pitch.

Flickerpix Concept

We left the meeting with a better understanding of our brief and what we will be aiming for. For the next few days we will be looked at concepts for the horse Dillon and Murphy aswell as a start on a 3D Grace. We will do some research on textures and clothing aswell as landscape.


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