Second Meeting with Joel Simon

For our second meeting we got a great opportunity to go to Flickerpix studio in Holywood. Joel gave us a tour around the studio and showed us some of the stop motion characters they have created and where they do the work. So after the tour we sat down in his office and showed him the presentation that we had presented to the class the day before. We explained the research we done to look at different 3d animated styles in popular kids shows. From the beginning he made it clear that the wants this to be a soft, smooth animation, so this is the style we looked at.

Amazing Grace

We showed him our concepts and discussed the potential different hairstyles that Grace could have. He had several things to say about these:

  • He approved of the style of Grace. He wanted us to explore different eye shapes and width aswell as the head shape.
  • He liked the Jack zip opened
  • The braid was the hair style that stood our for him and he wanted us to explore this more.
  • We asked if she wore welling boots or a horse riding boots (since she will be riding her horse) he thinks for for it can be welling boots since she will be getting muddy running around in the countryside, as long as she has her riding hat.

Amazing Grace (1)

We showed him our cocepts of Dillon. In our previous meeting we pointed out that their original concepts had Dillon looking very much like a shetland pony and we asked what he  wanted us to do. In the Amazing Grace description Dillon is described as a Connemara pony, which Joel decided he wanted to keep. So for our concepts we used the reference of a real life Connemara pony (below). I liked all of our concepts and the direction we were going with them.

Amazing Grace (3)Amazing Grace (2)

The dog was not an important part of out assignment and would only be sculpted if we have time, but for the benefit of our presentation we did some concepts of him incase we do decide to come back and recreate him. He liked the look of the dog on the bottom left created by Rebecca. If we decided to do Murphy we would need to look into more simple shapes and styles.

Amazing Grace (4)

Rebecca had made a start on a 3D grace had she had different turn arounds to show Joel. He liked how she has been started but had a few critiques:

  • Hair should have more volume and shape.
  • Head should have a more pointed chin (closer to the concept).
  • Nose is a little too big, look at small button noises.
  • Perhaps look at different head proportions.


Amazing Grace (5)Amazing Grace (6)Amazing Grace (7)

We showed him our work and got some really good critique and feedback on where to take it next. For our next meeting I plan to start sculpting the horse Dillon based on our concepts and what Joel wants to see in the horse character.


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