Sculpting the Horse (Dillon)

This is my first time sculpting a horse using Zbrush so I had to look at several tutorials to get a better understanding on how to do it.



To begin with a blocked out the horse shape roughly using Zsphere. After I get the intial shape I use the move tool, smooth and build up or clay tubes to create the rough shape of a horse. As shown below:




To make the eyebrows I used the topology brush to draw on the shape. I like using this method inside of a seperate sub tool because it stays on top of the head mesh. After I get roughly the shape I desire I convert it into a mesh. At this point I seperate it from the group so I can work on the shape better without interfering with the head.




For the eyes I place two spheres for the eyes balls. Using the curve brush I make the shape of the lids using the spheres as guides. This I smooth it out and add some detail for the eye lids.



I wanted the mouth to be opened, so following a similar tutorial and uses the clay tubes tool to make a large dent around the moth area. I then used the curve tool to create the lips. I accidentally made them a little too fat at first but after a lot of smoothing and readjusting I got them looking natural.


First Draft

Here are some screens shots of Dillon. I did the hair by using the move, smooth and pinch tools to try and get a layered hair strand look. In our next meeting I will be asking Joel what he wants for the hair and how he wants it shaped around the face. The hoofs were cylinders smoothed out and shaped, seperate from the body. As this is for a smooth animation I did not have to go too detailed on the model, but still showed some form for where the muscles are on the legs and jaw etc.



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