Update – Dillon

Since our meetig with Joel his main critique of Dillon was that he should look younger to relate to Grace and the younger audience. So I did different experiments trying to get that young look in Dillons face.

I did some research in ‘Cute cartoon horses’ and look at examples of ‘My little Pony’. I noticed that that they have rather round faces and do not have that long horse nose. Having a round big forehead and large eyes seems to give a baby cute effect.

Vector Illustration of skipping beautiful golden horse
Image Link

So with this in mind I tried different variations:




I completely restarted Dillon on Zbrush and keeping the feedback and experiments in mind, this is the Dillon I had finished with. I will be showing this to Joel on our next meeting to get his feedback. I added some lambert colour for him to get a better idea at how he would look.



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