3D SCULPT – Pirate


AMAZING GRACE – FlickerPix Project 



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BBC Animation – Rewind 





Concept and Sculpt





The Face

I don’t know how many times I have changed the face. It’s one of those things that you could tweak forever. Some of the critique was that the eyes are too wide apart so I made them slightly closer. With the lips being so full on the concept it looked unnatural, like from a lip surgery. So I made them still full but a little more natural.  As for the nose, the concept angle was hard to tell but it looks rather pointed and a little large. Again it didn’t look right when I tried to sculpt so with Alec’s advice, I made the nose more rounded at the tip and a little wider. Also the middle part between the nostrils needed to be more rounded outwards.


Sculpting The Pirate

The artist has given the pirate very pouting large lips, so I looked at some actors with a similar shape and worked from there. I used Angelina Jolie as a guide of Jaw shape and lip thickness. The concept actually has even bigger lips but when I tried to do something the same she just looked like she had cosmetic work done.




To create clothes I used extractions. Masking the area I wanted the clothes to be I picked the thickness I wanted and accepted the extract. This created seperate subtools of shapes around the body, which I was then able to adjusting using the move tool. This method it how I created all of her clothes.



The trousers where pretty straight forward but the top was a little bit more tricky. I had the option to do the loose clothing in Marvellous Designer but I wanted to give this a go on Zbrush first. I masked the arms and the V cut of the top and extracted that mesh. I then Masked the bottom of the sleeves where I want that to hang loosely from her arm. It was actually alot more straightforward than I thought.


From there I added some shape and form like creases and folds. I also masked and extruded out the flaps of material that go on the front of the blouse like a collar. I pulled out the top around the breast area so that it looks more loose fitting.


The boots were done very similar. I masked around the feet and then used the move tool to pull out the heel and shape the boot.




So for the hair I looked at a tutorial on YouTube to help get me started

Similar to the tutorial I used mask and extract around head and used the move tool and Dynamesh to pull the mesh out and shape it the way I wanted. Once the basic shape was made I used the curve brush to make seperate strands of hair coming out, like in the concept where the wind it blowing. I then merged those seperate parts and smoothed it out so they look like they are part of the same mesh. After that I used damn standard, pinch and move to created the textured look.


Combining the head 

Up to this point I still had the head seperate incase I needed to make major adjustments. Merging the two did not get rid of that line so I had to use Dynamesh. I wasn’t fussy on the ear detail as I knew the hair would be covering it.



Just to allow parts to stand out more I used the basic colour fill in Zbrush.




I had planned to do this in Marvellous designer but I was on a roll so thought I would give it a go. I inserted a cylinder, masked and extracted it and deleted the cylinder. This left me with the initial shape of the dress. I used move, inflat and damn standard brush tool to shape the folds of the dress using the concept as guidelines. Once I was happy with it a did the same thing for the outer piece. This did not take as long as it does not have as much shape. I really liked the outcome.

dressdress1 - Copy


Update Final Grace

After showing Joel a turn table of Grace he only had a few notes on changes. He thought that she looked more like a teenager than an eight year old girl and asked if we could change her body shape/size. At this point we could not drastically change her form as it would mean changing her clothes etc. So I had an idea of separating the head and keeping it the same size but scale the body shorter.  This made a huge different when seeing the two Graces beside each other.

Young grace test

We showed this image to Joel and he really liked the new scale, asking if we could do another turn table. Also since our last render I fixed the UV map of her top and made the stripes on her jumper more symmetrical and tidier. Below is the turntable of the  final Grace.