CV examples

What makes a good CV?

When making a CV you have to think what would make it interesting for a potential employer. They will be looking over many CV’s so each one will only be glanced at for a short time. You have to think of what can make your CV stand out and catch their eye. Most CVs are only looked at for about 20 seconds. Some points on what someone reading a CV will be looking for:

  • Do they have the experience they are looking for?
  • Company recognition.
  • Is it well formatted, well written and correct spelling?
  • Keyword Search. Keep it authentic.
  • Is there gaps between jobs and why? Make sure there is an explanation.
  • Personal Online foot print: Personal domains, Portfolio websites, showreels, personal medias like Facebook or twitter. (they may want to see what type of person you are)
  • General logistics. Where do they live. If they are applying for a job and do not live in that country, do they have a visa?
  • Overall Organisation.
  • Total time it takes to read the CV.
  • Education: although some would want to see this, experience is more important than education.
  • Fancy Formatting: Creativity is always good. Although it is important to keep in mind that some recruiting would take the resume and convert it into the most immediate viewing format. This means that they will only be reading the text.
  • Too Personal: Sometimes people can put information on the resume that is too personal, such as there family status or height and weight.
  • Cover letters. There is a debate about this if some employers read the cover letter or go straight to the resume.
  • Bring personality into the resume. After reading so many different resumes a little bit of fun is nice to have. (although not too much or you will just sound arrogant.
  • List key Personal projects. This shows passion for your work and not just doing it for the job.
  • Write in first person and do not have too many pages.
  • Do not exxagerated your skills or responsibilties , the truth comes out.
  • Send the CV to the right person.

Below are some examples in my opinion that are good and bad and why.

An example of a good CV




CV image link


CV image link


Bad Examples

bad 1.jpg

CV Image link


CV Image link


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